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Fosse Ardeatine

Rome | History
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A National Monument and Memorial Cemetery, it tragically became a symbol of the resistance movement after the occupying German troops’ mass execution here of 335 innocent youths and adults, taken at random from Rome’s prisons and streets, in reprisal for an attack carried by partisan fighters in the city centre.

On 23rd March 1944, German soldiers marching through Via Rasella were ambushed by an explosive device, a blast killing 33 Nazis and injuring 38 others. The next day, for every killed German soldier, 10 Italians were executed. 335 people were rounded up, including political prisoners from the gaol in Via Tasso and several Jews, who were lead off in trucks to the rural suburbs of the city, inside the tunnels of a disused quarry near the Via Ardeatine and shot in the back of the head.

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  • Name: Fosse Ardeatine
  • Address: Via Ardeatina, 174 - 00179 - Rome - Italie
  • Phone: (39) 06 5136742



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  • By bus : lignes n°71, 163, 448, 490, 492, 495, 545, 649, N2, 111, 211, 309, 409, 441, N17, N23

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