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Instituto Moreira Salles - IMS

Rio de Janeiro
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The Moreira Salles Institute (IMS), founded by the ambassador and banker Walther Moreira Salles (1912-2001) in 1992, has the sole purpose of promoting and developing cultural programs. It has cultural centers in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Poços de Caldas.

The Rio unit occupies the former residence of its founder, a property with more than 10 thousand square meters designed by Olavo Redig de Campos (1906-1984), landscaping and tile panels of Roberto Burle Marx (1909-1994). Exhibitions, lectures, concerts, film cycles and events are held in the space.

The IMS has an important photographic collection under its care with about 550,000 photographs; the music library has 25,000 digitized recordings of names like Chiquinha Gonzaga, Pixinguinha, Garoto, Francisco Alves and Elizeth Cardoso, the bibliographic with 400,000 titles, such as Mario Quintana, Erico Verissimo and Clarice Lispector, the collection of visual arts is held in an art gallery with over three thousand works, prioritizing Brazilian iconography.

11:00 - 20:00

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  • Name: Instituto Moreira Salles - IMS
  • Address: R. Marquês de São Vicente, 476 - Gávea - 22451-041 - Rio de Janeiro - Brésil
  • Phone: (55) 21 3284 7400




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