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La Maison de Marie-Jeanne

Alaincourt | Art décoratif - Ethnologie - Histoire
€3.5 - €5
Home of Mary Jane is a museum opened in 2008 the museum collections have been a century of daily from 1870 to 1970.

Marie-Jeanne Delville was born between the two world wars. Seamstress training, collector by passion, she has gathered over the years the objects that make the lives of Valley residents. If Mary Jane is now putting his collection available to Alaincourt is first because it lives in the town for many years and that his destiny is closely linked to the valley. It's mostly to create a link between generations, to transmit to all residents, children, travelers, and to you.

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  • Name: La Maison de Marie-Jeanne
  • Address: 39 rue du général de Gaulle - 02240 - Alaincourt - France
  • Phone: (33) 03 23 63 62 07




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