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La Maison-Musée Lansyer

Loches | Fine arts
€3.5 - €5
At the heart of the Royal City and clinging to the walls, the Lansyer House occupies the family home of painter Emmanuel Lansyer (1835-1893). Friend of the poet José-Maria de Heredia, a pupil of Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, it is also of Gustave Courbet. The artist is seen in his time as one of the best landscape painters often rewarded and medalist. Throughout his career, he painted more than 1,500 paintings. Today, over a hundred of them available to our eyes.

The museum also features an exceptional collection of Japanese art assembled by Lansyer and rare that a collection of original engravings of Piranesi, Canaletto and artists of the nineteenth century.

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  • Name: La Maison-Musée Lansyer
  • Address: 1, rue Lansyer - 37600 - Loches - France
  • Phone: (33) 33 02 47 59 05 45 ou 02 47 59 48 21




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