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Le Musée du Mont-de-Piété et de la Condition des Soies

Avignon | Histoire
Free Admission
Established since 1987 in the former chapel of Our Lady of Loreto, built in the 18th century in terms of the Avignon architect Jean-Baptiste Franque. Three separate spaces tell the story of Mount of Piety, created in 1610 and that of the Condition of the bristles, founded in 1801 with objects and documents. The addition in 2008 of a third space, 'Space Archives' (4 windows on either side of the entrance) evokes the role and operation of the service Archives 'everyday' since 1986 .
The museum invites a back in time, from the seventeenth to the twenty-first century through objects, documents and works of witnesses consecutive activities of this place by the same highly heritage.

13:30 - 17:00

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  • Name: Le Musée du Mont-de-Piété et de la Condition des Soies
  • Address: 6 rue Saluces - 84000 - Avignon - France
  • Phone: (33) 04 90 86 53 12

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