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Leonardo da Vinci Museum

Florence | Sciences - Technology
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Leonardo da Vinci is without a doubt one of the most famous Tuscan and Italian historical figures of all time. Having lived between 1452 and 1519, he continues to be the symbol of the Renaissance and its rebirth, with his attention dedicated to the arts including painting, sculpture, architecture, music, design and choreography for plays (which he loved). Leonardo was a diligent scholar of anatomy and relentless inventor and designer... in general, curious about everything!

In his lifetime, Leonardo completed a large number of scientific manuscripts (well over 4000 pages!) where he kept his notes of his studies and made a lot of sketches on a wide range of interests and preoccupations. These pages were later collected into notebooks or codexes, and among these, the most important and interesting is the one on the Flight of Birds (conserved in Turin) and the Codex Atlanticus (twelve volumes of notebooks kept at the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan).

Thanks to these codexes, it has been possible to reconstruct some of Leonardo's designs in various fields, from military to civil engineering and to those related to the study of flight.

In Florence, you can admire some of Leonardo's interesting studies in the form of the reconstructions of these "machines" at the Leonardo da Vinci Museum.

10:00 - 19:00

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  • Name: Leonardo da Vinci Museum
  • Address: Via dei Servi, 66R - 50122 - Florence - Italie
  • Phone: (39) 055 282 966




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  • By bus : lignes n°6, 19, 31



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