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Les Catacombes de Paris

Paris | History - Archeology
€11 - €13
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The Catacombs of Paris, a term improperly used to name the municipal ossuary old underground quarries are located in the 14th district of Paris, connected by inspection galleries. They are transformed into an ossuary in the late eighteenth century with the transfer of the remains of six million Parisians evacuated cemeteries for reasons of public safety. They then take the name of the Catacombs, by analogy with the underground necropolis of ancient Rome, although they have almost never used the initial burial.

From about 1.7 km long, located twenty meters below the surface, they are officially visited by approximately 300,000 visitors per year from the Denfert-Rochereau is a museum of the city of Paris, depending on the museum Carnavalet. Open to the public portion is only a small fraction (about one eight-hundredth) of the vast underground quarries of Paris, which run in several districts of the capital. There are also other underground ossuary in Paris, inaccessible to the public, and remain particularly unknown.

10:00 - 20:30

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Other information

Contact details

  • Name: Les Catacombes de Paris
  • Address: 1 avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy - 75014 - Paris - France
  • Phone: (33) 01 43 22 47 63




Exposition, Visite guidée

Getting there

  • By bus : lignes n° 38, 68
  • By metro : lignes n°4, 6 (Denfert-Rochereau)
  • By RER : ligne n°B (Denfert-Rochereau)
  • By bicycle : 2, avenue René Coty
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