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Maison des Mémoires de Mazamet

Mazamet | Histoire - Religion
€2 - €3
In 2000, in order to safeguard the common heritage, a development program was launched to transform the Fuzier House House memoirs, central point of tourism promotion and enhancement of the historical heritage of Mazamet.

The house is:
- On the ground floor, the Tourist Office and two lounges refurbished in the style of the 19th century to recreate the atmosphere of this great mansion and located in the local particularities of the history of fellmongering ;
- 1st floor, the permanent exhibition "Occitan Catharism, recovered memory"

Catharism, dissenting religion enrolling in the Christian faith, considered a heresy by the omnipotence of the Catholic Church, was condemned and persecuted its practitioners. The Cathars, forced to flee in remote places, found refuge in the Black Mountain: on the edge of the Aude Cathar Country, the slope of the Tarn mountains, formed a refuge and strength that religion.

This exhibition has no equivalent in France and Languedoc, a region where Catharism was strain through a favorable geopolitical context and a much more liberal and open than the rest of France Occitan society ...

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  • Name: Maison des Mémoires de Mazamet
  • Address: Rue des casernes - 81200 - Mazamet - France
  • Phone: (33) 05 63 61 56 56

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