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Musée Champollion

Located in the small town of Vif, about 30 minutes from Grenoble, Maison Champollion has been given to Jacques-Joseph Champollion in 1807 by his wife Zoé Berriat which received it as a dowry for his marriage.

Five generations of descendants of Champollion-Figeac lived there in turn, retaining the memories left by the great men of the family. Highly symbolic work of the Champollion, the property has kept the imprint of family memories.

Many elements of decor to historical or anecdotal character, furnished interiors, portraits of families (more than fifty paintings on canvas), offices, the library, personnel, any souvenirs evokes the memory of Jacques-Joseph and Jean-François.

Works consulted and annotated, the correspondence exchanged between the brothers promote the discovery of their work and their research.

The Champollion, large 2 hectare park, is open to the public during the summer period. It also hosts events organized by the municipality of Vif.

This place is Closed Temporarly

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  • Name: Musée Champollion
  • Address: 45 rue Champollion - 38450 - Vif - France
  • Phone: (33) 04 76 72 45 98

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