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Musée d'Archéologie

Antibes | Archéologie
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The Bastion Saint-André is a stronghold built in the late seventeenth century in Antibes.

Following the decision to make the castle a museum dedicated to the works of Picasso, in 1963, the bastion Saint-André is transformed to accommodate the congregation who had been there by Romuald Dor de la Souchère, first curator of the archaeological collection Grimaldi museum, from 1928 bastion St. Andrew became the archaeological Museum in Antibes.

The route begins at the origins of the museum of the city of Antibes (Antipolis in Antiquity) which was first of the sixth century BCE, a Ligurian oppidum before massaliote be a colony. A collection of ceramics from Greece to Etruria and Magna Grecia, occurred between the sixth and the first century BC, are used to evoke series painted vases, control of trade between different peoples of the Mediterranean world.

The tour continues with the evocation of the urban part of the city: mosaics, painted and coated that a monumental marble fountain decor restore habitats and Public monuments. The suburbs of the city are discussed with the remains of a secondary town Vaugrenier discovery, a few kilometers north of Antibes.

Privileged beachfront location: the museum from its terrace offers a breathtaking panorama of the Old Town and the Cape of Antibes.

14:00 - 17:00

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  • Name: Musée d'Archéologie
  • Address: Bastion Saint-André - 06600 - Antibes - France
  • Phone: (33) 04 92 90 53 36 ou 04 93 95 85 98


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