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Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain - MAMAC

Nice | Modern and Contemporary Art
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The modern art and contemporary art museum, also known as MAMAC, is a museum dedicated to modern art and contemporary art opened June 21, 1990 in Nice.
Located next to Piazza Garibaldi, designed by architects Yves Bayard and Henri Vidal, it has the form of a tetrapod arc straddling the course of Spangle.
They provide an overview of avant-garde artistic creation, from the late 1950s to the present day, which revolve around different movements.

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Other information

Contact details

  • Name: Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain - MAMAC
  • Address: Place Yves Klein - 06364 - Nice - France
  • Phone: (33) 04 97 13 42 01


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Exposition, Visite guidée, Atelier pédagogique

Getting there

  • By bus : lignes n°3, 7, 9, 10

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