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Musée National de La Marine

Paris | History
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The National Maritime Museum is from a collection given to King Louis XV by Henri Louis Duhamel du Monceau. The permanent collection is on display in the Passy wing of the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, but schedules are at Brest, Port-Louis, Rochefort and Toulon.

From 1661, Colbert became one of the chief ministers of Louis XIV. It gathers numerous charges, including that of Secretary of State for the Navy and decides to give Louis a powerful navy. To save the progress of shipbuilding, he ordered the stewards arsenals make models in 1/12 and 1/20 of each of the five rows of vessels. These models are often dispersed but are a first archive of French maritime history.

This place is Closed Temporarly

Other information

Contact details

  • Name: Musée National de La Marine
  • Address: 17 place du Trocadéro - 75116 - Paris - France
  • Phone: (33) 01 53 65 69 69 / 69 53


Boutique, Librairie


Exposition, Visite guidée, Atelier pédagogique, Conférence

Getting there

  • By bus : lignes n°22, 30, 32, 63, 72, 82
  • By metro : lignes n°6, 9 (Trocadéro)
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