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Musée de Nouvelle-Calédonie

Nouméa | Archéologie - Beaux-Arts - Civilisations extra-européennes
F50 - F200
The Museum of New Caledonia is located facing the Bay of Moselle, near the main post office in Noumea, since 1971. His oldest collections date from the second half of the nineteenth century. The museum not only preserves old items missing from everyday life. It also presents objects still in circulation and frequently nowadays. Through this variety of objects, the museum tries to restore lifestyles, cultural practices and beliefs of past and present. They are a part of history and part of the world called Oceania and specifically Melanesia.
Several exhibitions are primarily on New Caledonia: the hierarchical division of tribal life, modes of accommodation, marine object making the food culture. Small exhibitions upstairs are dedicated to Pacific cultures of Papua, Fiji, Vanuatu.

12:15 - 16:30

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  • Name: Musée de Nouvelle-Calédonie
  • Address: 45 Avenue du Maréchal Foch - 98800 - Nouméa - Nouvelle-Calédonie
  • Phone: (687) 06 87 27 23 42

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