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Musée d'Ennery

Paris | Decorative Arts - Fine Arts - Asian Arts
Free Admission
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The Ennery Museum is a national museum in Paris, Avenue Foch in the 16th arrondissement. Devoted to Asian art, the museum's collection of 7,000 objects gathered during the second half of the nineteenth century by Clemence Ennery (1823-1898), wife of playwright Adolphe d'Ennery. The collection is presented in a mansion whose construction began in 1875.

Madame Clémence Ennery bequeathed this collection, as well as the mansion that now houses the museum in 1898 to the state. The legacy that was validated 1903 The museum was inaugurated on May 27 1908 The great Sinologist Paul Pelliot was its chief curator from 1930 until his death in 1945 after sixteen years of closure, the Museum Ennery has reopened its doors on April 5, 2012.

Among the 7,000 objects in the museum, mainly of Chinese or Japanese origin are, in particular wooden chests lacquered inlaid mother of pearl, rare objects such as porcelain dolls, figurines of hard stone (netsuke 根 付), ceramics Kyoto eighteenth century, and animal masks and chimeras. The museum, whose works are presented in the windows original to the walls inlaid with mother of pearl, book a faithful witness to the passion for the East who was born during the Second Empire and influenced heavily art and Western tastes by More.

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Contact details

  • Name: Musée d'Ennery
  • Address: 59, avenue Foch - 75116 - Paris - France
  • Phone: (33) 01 56 52 53 45


Visite guidée

Getting there

  • By bus : ligne n° 82
  • By metro : ligne n°2 (Porte Dauphine)
  • By RER : ligne n°C (Avenue Foch)
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