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Musée des Arts et Métiers Traditionnels

Salles-la-Source | Ethnologie - Technique et industrie
€2.5 - €4
4 levels provide a comprehensive overview of the tools and machines related to traditional Aveyron company:
- The DRC has room old machines using energy and water wind presses, flour mills and oil, swifts ...
- The first floor evokes the arts and crafts related to the mineral world: stone, terracotta, copper, water, fire ...
- The second floor shows the relationship of man with the plant environment: agriculture, wood industry (wheelwright, shoemaker, cooper ...)
- The third stage deals with the animal world: fishing, hunting, livestock, wool, making Roquefort, leather trades ...

Two other rooms have a nineteenth century mill and winery winemaker Vallon Marcillac.

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Other information

Contact details

  • Name: Musée des Arts et Métiers Traditionnels
  • Address: Rue de la Cascade - 12330 - Salles-la-Source - France
  • Phone: (33) 05 65 67 28 96




Visite guidée, Exposition, Animation pédagogique, Projection

Getting there

  • By car : D90 de Rodez, direction Conques, Marcillac

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