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Musée des Augustins

Toulouse | Archaeology - Fine Arts
€4 - €6
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The Augustins Museum is the museum of Fine Arts in Toulouse, Haute-Garonne. Established by decision of 23 December 1793 and opened in 1795, it is housed in the former Augustinian convent of Toulouse. It brings together important collections of painting and sculpture.

Prior to being assigned to the museum, the buildings were a house of the order of the hermits of St. Augustine. In its current location within the city walls, the Augustinian convent of Toulouse was built in 1309 with the approval of Pope Clement V. It was transformed into a museum after the suppression of religious orders to the French Revolution.

The Augustinian convent became national property by decree on November 2, 1789. It was decommissioned in 1790 and dismembered while deleting the monastic orders. The temporary museum in the south of Republic, created December 19, 1793, moved to the Augustinians and solemnly opened its doors August 27, 1795, making it one of the oldest museum in France, shortly after the Louvre.

The first collections are formed revolutionary seizures and works of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts. The Musée des Augustins in Toulouse has been included in the list of fifteen museums established by the decree of 13 fructidor year IX (31 August 1801), said Chaptal decree of the Minister of the Interior at the time. His proposal was to divide between each of the cities involved lots such as "each collection has an interesting series of pictures of all the masters of all genres, from all schools." On 1 September 1801, appeared another decree requiring cities to prepare their charges "a suitable gallery" to receive the deposited works (over 600 will be in waves in 1802, and in 1805, by imperial decree, February 15, 1811 ). This deposit is one of the largest the museum has received.

10:00 - 18:00

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Other information

Contact details

  • Name: Musée des Augustins
  • Address: 21 rue de Metz - 31000 - Toulouse - France
  • Phone: (33) 05 61 22 21 82




Exposition, Visite guidée, Atelier, Conférence, Concert.

Getting there

  • By bus : lignes n°10, 14, 2
  • By metro : lignes n°A (Esquirol), B (Carmes ou François Verdier)
  • By train : gare TGV de Toulouse-Matabiau
  • By car : autoroutes A61 (Perpignan, Barcelone, Lyon, Nice), A62 (Bordeaux, Paris, Lille), A64 (Pau, Bayonne), A68 (Albi)
  • By plane : aéroport de Toulouse-Blagnac

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