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Musée des Mines de Fer

Neufchef-Hayange | Ethnologie - Technique et industrie
€4 - €8
The museum iron mines of Lorraine offers an underground immersion in the living and working iron miners in Lorraine from 1820 to the present.

The creation of this museum was born from the desire to preserve the rich industrial heritage of the Moselle. Since 1970 mining activities in the Lorraine iron basin disappear one after the other.

In 1983, the town of Neufchef decided to create a museum of the iron mines of Lorraine. The aim is to represent the history of mining iron ore, from its origins to the present day, in the underground world of mine. Documents, archives, and mining objects are also presented to the public.

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Contact details

  • Name: Musée des Mines de Fer
  • Address: Rue Notre Dame des Neiges - 57700 - Neufchef-Hayange - France
  • Phone: (33) 03 82 85 76 55


Librairie, Carterie, Boutique, Cafétéria, Restaurant


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Getting there

  • By car : A30, sortie centre, direction centre ville HAYANGE

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