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Musée du Cloître de Tulle André Mazeyrie

Tulle | Beaux-Arts - Ethnologie
Free Admission
The cloister of Tulle Museum is a Museum of art and history housing collections reflecting the discoveries and history of Tulle and its region.

Tulle Museum, to departmental vocation from the first conception, dates back to 1819. After many attempts, it is fixed in January 1893 by the company of the letters, sciences and arts of Corrèze on initiative of Emile Fage. Peregrinant in several sites in the city - former college of the Jesuits (current theatre), old City Hall (demolished), former Bishopric (current Town Hall) [citation needed] - he is permanently in 1905 the Western wing, the garden, the cloister and the chapter room of the old benedictine Abbey. He received municipal status in 1928 under the auspices of Dr. André Mazeyrie whose name it bears also

The collections of museums are intended to reflect the diversity of interests of the region and of the population. Come thus collections of geology, archaeology, prehistory, Gallo-Roman antiquity (in connection with the Gallo-Roman site of Tintignac). The collections also address courteous history (Ventadour, the troubadours), Pontifical (First Crusade and urban II, Popes in the 14th century in Avignon), Royal (Charles VII, René of Anjou in the fifteenth century...), sigillography, celebrities and local landscapes, ethnohistory, rituals, magic and witchcraft (Fund Gaston Vuillier).

13:00 - 18:00

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  • Name: Musée du Cloître de Tulle André Mazeyrie
  • Address: Place Monseigneur Berteaud - 19000 - Tulle - France
  • Phone: (33) 05 55 26 91 05 ou 05 55 26 76 29





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