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Musée du Donjon

The lower rooms of the eighteenth century, the house of archeology collection. One can notice a nice set of objects of the Bronze Age, particularly the beautiful gold necklace Saint Laurs, and the great chariot wheel found in Coulon. It should be noted a very rare series of iron objects from the Hallstatt period and the second Iron Age, especially objects from Faye-Abbess. The Gallo-Roman era back a series of vases, amphorae, coins, from Niort and Deux-Sèvres. A Place for sculpture Bessines, which provided a rich grave goods (first century AD.). For the High Middle Ages, the Merovingian objects from the necropolis of Niort "Recouvrance" (VI-VII centuries). Lapidary room medieval allow the blind to more easily analyze the sculpted works: recumbent, capitals, keystones.

The first floor of the tower is dedicated to Chamoiserie and gloves, traditional activity of the city.
On the second floor inside Poitevin reconstituted in 1896 and a collection of costumes, headdresses and regional jewelry, one of the largest in France.

14:00 - 17:00

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  • Name: Musée du Donjon
  • Address: Rue Duguesclin - 79000 - Niort - France
  • Phone: (33) 05 49 28 14 28


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