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Musée du Pays de Hanau

Bouxwiller | Popular Arts and Traditions - History
€2.5 - €4.5
The Museum of the Pays de Hanau takes place in a remarkably renovated architectural building, listed as a historical monument. The corn market of the 16th century and the old chapel, serve as a showcase for this Museum of France. The spaces punctuated by the imposing framework create original atmospheres, adapted to the different themes. Thanks to a modern museography, you will discover the history, the culture and the natural environment of this endearing territory which is the Hanau.

This museum is the site of interpretation of a territory with a strong identity and whose story deserves to be better known and shared. Former capital of the county of Hanau-Lichtenberg and residence of the princes of Hesse-Darmstadt, the city of Bouxwiller retains many witnesses of his unique past.

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  • Name: Musée du Pays de Hanau
  • Address: 3 Place du Château - 67330 - Bouxwiller - France
  • Phone: (33) 03 88 00 38 39




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