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Musée du Pays d'Ussel

Ussel | Ethnologie - Histoire
Free Admission
The Museum is dedicated to history, arts and traditions of the country of Ussel, between the plateau de Millevaches, Triouzoune Valley and the upper Valley of the Dordogne. A Museum in several parts:

The Bay Hotel Blanc, 12 rue Michelet: this 18th-century mansion is devoted to missing trades or endangered (blacksmithing, weaving, sabotier, straw, wood) and domestic life. The tapestries marchois workshops of 17th-18th centuries and works by "bookcases painters" of the 20th century are presented over rooms.

Printing, 18 rue Michelet: this 17th-century House is dedicated to printing lithographic and letterpress with the material of lithographic printing Dumond, specializing in the printing of sheet music.

House Moncourier-Beauregard, 4 street of the mountain: with its Inglenook fireplace, its domestic wells, its paving of pebbles, this modest house is a witness of the ussellois habitat under the Ancien Régime.

Chapel of the Penitents, rue Pasteur: old church cimeteriale Saint-Martial, built in the mid 15th century and given to the brotherhood of the blue penitents in 1677. It houses the collections of art and religious Ethnography.

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  • Name: Musée du Pays d'Ussel
  • Address: 12 rue Michelet - 19200 - Ussel - France
  • Phone: (33) 05 55 72 54 69 ou 05 55 72 40 73




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