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Musée du Verre et du Cristal

Meisenthal | Archéologie - Beaux-Arts - Technique et industrie
€3 - €6
The Museum of Glass transmits visitors the testimony of the local glass store. Audio-visual projection is complemented by a guided tour of the "mechanical room" and the sumptuous collection of Art Nouveau glass.

Collections are used to present to the public the various stages of manufacture of glass and crystal and achievements such as St. Louis, those signed by three generations Lalique and objects "Art Nouveau" made on site between 1867 and 1894 in part by the Eugène Désiré Christian Kremer and decorators for the Emile Gallé, the founder of the Nancy School account.

A printmaking workshop also works as part of the Glass House.

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  • Name: Musée du Verre et du Cristal
  • Address: Place Robert Schumann - 57960 - Meisenthal - France
  • Phone: (33) 03 87 96 91 51


Librairie, Carterie


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