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Musée Georges Labit

Toulouse | Archéologie - Civilisations extra-européennes (Arts asiatiques)
€2 - €4
The Georges Labit Museum, founded in 1893, is located on the banks of the Canal du Midi in Toulouse between the district and the Demoiselles Busca. Its name comes from the traveler, collector and ethnologist Georges Labit (1862-1899), who collected during his travels a collection of art objects from the Far East and began to make a museum his contemporaries and future generations. This collection evokes ancient cultures - until the nineteenth century - the arts of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the former Vietnam (Annam and Champa), former Thailand (Siam), the Laos, Java, Nepal, Tibetan art and Chinese art, finally the Japanese art. These objects were selected initially by Georges Labit for their aesthetic qualities and to evoke an exemplary manner the ancient cultures of the countries of Asia and the Far East. For this reason they are grouped with objects having the same qualities but from ancient Egypt including a rare set of Coptic objects.
Georges Labit collection has been enriched by many important donations. Purchases by the city of Toulouse and deposits from the Guimet museum collections complement the consistent and high quality. This museum is one of the oldest Asian art museums in France.

10:00 - 17:00

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Other information

Contact details

  • Name: Musée Georges Labit
  • Address: 17 rue du Japon - 31400 - Toulouse - France
  • Phone: (33) 05 61 53 48 25




Visite guidée, Atelier, Exposition

Getting there

  • By bus : lignes n°2, 10, 27
  • By metro : ligne B (François Verdier)
  • By train : gare TGV de Toulouse-Matabiau
  • By plane : aéroport de Toulouse-Blagnac

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