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Musée Henri Dupuis

Saint-Omer | Sciences de la nature
Single and Annuitant, Henri Dupuis devoted his entire fortune and a good part of his time to collecting, by mandating explorers take the desired objects and landscaping his home for the exhibition of its collection. On his death in 1889, he bequeathed to the city his home and all of its collection for being helpful to all, especially the youth, with the wish that its collections are presented to the public, to improve knowledge of the Audomarois on Flemish Heritage and the naturalia.

The Museum remained so faithful to the presentation designed by Henri Dupuis himself, with such huge showcases filled with shells or minerals. But in 1950, a new distribution of the collections of the two museums of the city is determined. This operation aims to assert the identity of each Museum: fine arts and decorative arts collections are grouped at the hotel Sandelin Museum, while the Musée Henri Dupuis is entirely devoted to natural history, with the notable exception of the Flemish kitchen.

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  • Name: Musée Henri Dupuis
  • Address: 9 rue Henri Dupuis - 62500 - Saint-Omer - France
  • Phone: (33) 03 21 38 00 94

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