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Musée International de la Chaussure

Romans | Technique et industrie
€3.7 - €5.1
The shoe appears as witness of civilization and object of art through an encyclopedic collection representing five continents from antiquity to the twenty-first century.

The shoe, its shape, its decoration, is shown here as a witness to civilization and an object. The world history of humanity from antiquity to the present day, is told in eighteen cells

Models of exception from André Perugia to the dazzling creations of Roger Vivier, the great couturier of the shoe, via Hermes, Pfister, Massaro... Forms of the 20th century come in the plural and fit not on the 21st century
The vaulted rooms on the ground floor are devoted to the great names of the Romans shoe
Set of paintings related to the theme of the shoe, "there is belief, expected but strong - strong its evidence - that the objects are and will be always better understood when they are represented in a situation, integrated into a scene or a representation of everyday life..."

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Contact details

  • Name: Musée International de la Chaussure
  • Address: 8 rue Saint-Just - 26100 - Romans - France
  • Phone: (33) 04 75 05 51 81




Exposition, Visite guidée, Conférence

Getting there

  • By train : gare TGV de Valence, gare de Romans
  • By car : A49, sortie Chatuzange-le-Goubet (est) ou Bourg-de-Péage (ouest). A7, sortie Tain l'Hermitage (nord) ou Portes-lès-Valence (sud)

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