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Musée Leblanc-Duvernoy

Auxerre | Arts décoratifs
€1.1 - €2.2
Leblanc-Duvernoy Museum is a museum of the city of Auxerre rich in pottery, furniture and paintings.

At his death in 1926, Paul Leblanc-Duvernoy bequeathed to the town of Auxerre his family home in the Rue d'Égleny where great lover of music, he gathered his lovers and fellow artists for concerts. His house is now a small museum remains particularly extraordinary decor music room, consisting of a set of tapestries of Beauvais factory that was part of the famous series entitled "History of the Emperor of China."

The museum is largely devoted to ceramics. It presents a collection of sandstone Puisaye especially important set of regional French pottery, including some beautiful pieces from the Nevers production. Revolutionary periods are particularly well represented. In addition, the donation represents a considerable enrichment Pagès with an exceptional collection of pottery by name. Added to this furniture and paintings that enrich the decor of their presence.

14:00 - 18:00

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  • Name: Musée Leblanc-Duvernoy
  • Address: 9 bis rue d'Egleny - 89000 - Auxerre - France
  • Phone: (33) 03 86 18 05 50




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