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Musée Municipal de Sault

Sault | Beaux-arts - Sciences de la nature
Free Admission
It is one of the oldest municipal museums in province, founded in 1859 by Henri Chrestian. A Museum in the old-world charm with its pieces upholstered tables and decorated with large display cabinets.

This museum contains treasures: fossils from the tertiary era, a rich collection of mineralogical, common objects of Roman life, revolutionary weapons, ancient coins, an Egyptian mummy in his sarcophagus, a still-20th century agricultural tools, etc.

The library of Museum is rich in about 2500 works including a parchment dated from the 3rd century, the encyclopedia of Diderot and Dalambert and a guestbook signed by Victor Hugo, Lamartine, Frédéric Mistral...

On the wall, a beautiful array of Evariste de Valerne, painter of Monieux and pupil of Delacroix, end your visit to the Museum of Sault in beauty.

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  • Name: Musée Municipal de Sault
  • Address: Rue du musée - 84390 - Sault - France
  • Phone: (33) 04 90 64 12 75

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