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Musée Municipal Paul Lafran

Saint-Chamas | Archéologie - Ethnologie - Histoire
Free Admission
Located on the site of the Penitents in the heart of old town, the municipal museum Lafran Paul is installed since 1952 in the former Town Hall. We discover our local history with its ethnography room consisting essentially of donations St. Chamasséens: documents relating to the National Blowing Saint-Chamas, textiles, clothing and Arles ribbons, objects of daily life instruments ... music.

Beautiful ex-voto from the Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy adorn climbing stairs to the second floor where a beautiful room houses many paintings by René Seyssaud Pierre Ambrogiani, Vincent Monte, Maurice Berle, Jean and many Ordonneaud local artists. A room of Archaeology presents the results of excavations Lafran Paul and his team.

The ground floor is reserved for temporary exhibitions.

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  • Name: Musée Municipal Paul Lafran
  • Address: Place des Pénitents - 13250 - Saint-Chamas - France
  • Phone: (33) 04 90 50 85 61




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