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Musée National des Douanes

Bordeaux | History
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The National Customs Museum is opened in 1984 in Bordeaux museum showcasing the history of the administration of Customs (one of the oldest in France), in the modern era to the present, and through it some of the History of France. It is the only museum of its kind in France.

The museum is located in the Hotel King Farms bordering Place de la Bourse, a building constructed between 1735 and 1738 specifically to accommodate the Ferme Generale, a private company, the predecessor of customs under the old regime, which levied for on behalf of the king's duties and taxes on goods. The building now houses the Interregional Directorate of Customs of Bordeaux and is a historical monument.

The museum still retains nearly 12,000 varied items: weapons, furniture, uniforms, musical instruments, maps, models, sculptures, precious objects, tools, rare calculating machines (arithmometer ...), customs seizures (ivories, protection Heritage fakes ...), Contraband (anatomical can ...), etc. and works of graphic art by major artists: Claude Monet (Cabane customs, indeed afternoon, unique work of this artist in public collections in Aquitaine), forgery of Salvador Dalí (The Creation of the World), Ben etc.

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  • Name: Musée National des Douanes
  • Address: 1, place de la Bourse - 33000 - Bordeaux - France
  • Phone: (33) 05 56 48 82 82


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