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Musée Portuaire

Dunkerque | Ethnologie - Histoire - Technique et industrie
€3 - €7.5
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The port Dunkerque Museum is a maritime Museum, located in a place built in 1868 that once housed a tobacco warehouse, the Bourdon store. He was born in 1992 of the initiative of former dockers who from the 1970s had begun to gather and preserve evidence of their profession and their environment. Consisting mainly of traditional tools of dockworkers, it was initially a professional museum that has been enriched and considerably developed subsequently. The initial collections were thus complemented by acquisitions of the Museum and deposits, mainly the Chamber of commerce of Dunkirk (iconography) and the Museum of fine arts of the city (models).

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  • Name: Musée Portuaire
  • Address: 9 quai de la Citadelle - 59140 - Dunkerque - France
  • Phone: (33) 03 28 63 33 39




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