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Musée Rimbaud

Charleville-Mézières | Photographie - Arts décoratifs - Beaux-Arts - Histoire
The Rimbaud Museum is a museum dedicated to the poet Arthur Rimbaud, Charleville-Mézières hometown.

The Musée Arthur Rimbaud, installed in a mill from the 17th century, a few steps from the House of the poet evokes the life and the poetic work of the artist, as well as his travels.

Over the collections, there's originals such as the sonnet "Voyelles", or the sketch of the "corner
table "Fantin-Latour, as well as works by artists or the many writings inspired by the work of the poet.

Nearby, in the "House of elsewhere" (House lived Arthur Rimbaud and his family), within a space dedicated to the travel, the visitor is invited to follow its own course, according to projections of movies and read text...

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Contact details

  • Name: Musée Rimbaud
  • Address: Vieux-Moulin, Quai Arthur Rimbaud - 08000 - Charleville-Mézières - France
  • Phone: (33) 03 24 32 44 65


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Getting there

  • By car : route nationale N51

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