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Musée Rochelais d'Histoire Protestante

La Rochelle | Histoire
€1.5 - €4
At the heart of the city, opened on a garden full of charm, La Rochelle Museum of Protestant history, is devoted mainly to the history of Protestantism in La Rochelle, Aunis and Saintonge. This is a must for those who really want to know the soul of a city whose stones keep intact the impression of a tumultuous past. Particular emphasis is placed on the sixteenth century, when La Rochelle is the real capital of the Huguenot party.

Among the most remarkable pieces of ceramics from the workshop of Bernard Palissy, a badge of the Beggars of Holland, allied with the pirates in Huguenot transatlantic race, a single copy, printed in La Rochelle in 1572, the Confession of Faith of the Reformed Churches the Kingdom of France, rare books, manuscripts, Chair of the Desert, a tapestry "the Ten Commandments of God's Law," dated 1779. Handwritten letters, documents, prints can evoke countries Refuge.

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  • Name: Musée Rochelais d'Histoire Protestante
  • Address: 2, rue Saint-Michel - 17000 - La Rochelle - France
  • Phone: (33) 05 46 50 88 03




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