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Musée Suffren et du Vieux Saint-Cannat

Saint-Cannat | Arts décoratifs - Beaux-Arts - Ethnologie - Histoire
€1.6 - €2.5
Room dedicated to Georges Baussan, founder of the Friends of Old Saint-Cannat and Museum, and his close associates.
Room known as "Old St. Cannat" reflection of the village: documents (prints, old books ...) that are presented to trace the history of fifteen St. Cannat centuries. Tools to tell the agricultural past. Paintings by different artists from here and elsewhere, are another rich collections of the Museum. The 1909 earthquake is also discussed.
Baron de Vitrolles room: dedicated to the Bailiff of Suffern and his family. Many memories of Suffren frigate which St. Cannat was godmother city.
Yvonne Roubert room (one of the two Demoiselles and high figure of St. Cannat) Costumes Lower Provence, Arles and "Mode de Paris" are added to a thousand other objects. In addition, one can find objects, documents and photographs evoking the history of the church of Saint-Cannat, Notre-Dame-de-Vie.

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  • Name: Musée Suffren et du Vieux Saint-Cannat
  • Address: Espace Suffren, 3 Avenue Pasteur - 13760 - Saint-Cannat - France
  • Phone: (33) 04 42 57 36 03


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