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Musée Tomi Ungerer

Strasbourg | Illustration
€3.5 - €6.5
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It is the first museum in France exclusively dedicated to the illustration of the twentieth century and today. This sector of graphic arts, long considered a minor art, is a true tradition in Strasbourg where Gustave Doré was born and where was created in 1975 at the School of Decorative Arts a reputed illustration workshop. The designer Tomi Ungerer was also born in Strasbourg in 1931. This multiform artist of international renown approached many areas of graphic art such as drawing books for youth, advertising, drawing satiric ... Not only his book The Three Brigands has become a classic for children, but also all of his work is unanimously recognized. His political posters and social satire drawings are considered iconic images around the world.

Tomi Ungerer has donated much of his work to his hometown since 1975. Today the museum retains 11,000 drawings by the artist to which have been added 6,500 toys from his personal collection. This unique collection has been enriched by works by other French and foreign illustrators such as, among others, R. O. Blechman, André François, Maurice Henry, F. Waechter, William Steig.

The museum's three levels of exhibition are devoted to illustration. On the ground floor are the original drawings of Tomi Ungerer's best-known children's books from the beginning of his career to the present day. An interactive table also allows to discover them in a fun way. On the first floor are the advertising and satirical drawings of the artist, in the form of posters and original drawings. On the garden floor are presented his satirical and erotic drawings, another facet of his work. Some mechanical toys from the artist's collection are shown in the course.

Due to the nature of its graphic art collections, the museum presents the works in rotations to ensure better conservation. Three skirmishes a year make it possible to discover the different graphic facets of Tomi Ungerer. The purpose of the museum is also to make known the history of the illustration of the nineteenth century to the present day, still little known to the public. Other illustrators are therefore presented in specific exhibitions, either monographic or thematic. Thus, since 2007, several artists such as Saul Steinberg and Bosc and themes such as the evolution of the Franco-German couple in satirical drawing have been the subject of exhibitions.

10:00 - 18:00

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  • Name: Musée Tomi Ungerer
  • Address: Villa Greiner - 2 Avenue de la Marseillaise - 67000 - Strasbourg - France
  • Phone: (33) 03 68 98 51 53





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