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Musée Zervos

Vézelay | Modern and Contemporary Art
€3 - €5
The museum Zervos (or home-Romain Rolland) is a museum of modern art (1925-1965) at Vezelay.
The museum houses the most beautiful parts of the bequeathed to the city of Vezelay by Christian Zervos collection. Art critic and editor, founder of the famous magazine Les Cahiers d'art, published from 1926 to 1960, Christian Zervos skirted the greatest artists of the twentieth century.

The collection includes paintings and sculptures by great artists of the twentieth century such as Picasso, Ernst, Calder, Miro, Giacometti, Laurens, Léger, Vieija da Silva ... On the ground floor, small sculptures and relief by imposing Henri Laurens cast alongside a large Calder mobile while in the Picasso room, works by Pablo Picasso and Julio González are the links between these two artists.

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  • Name: Musée Zervos
  • Address: Maison Romain-Rolland - Rue Saint-Étienne - 89450 - Vézelay - France
  • Phone: (33) 03 86 32 39 26




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