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Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma (MACRO)

Rome | Contemporary Art
€14 - €18
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Rome’s ex-Mattatoio (abattoir) complex is now an active site for cultural happenings and artistic events. Situated on the edge of the Tiber River in the recently gentrified and decidedly hip Testaccio neighbourhood, the MACRO Testaccio is an ideal site for a community of cultural experimentation.

Built between 1888 and 1891 by Gioacchino Ersoch, architect emeritus of the City of Rome, the pavilions of the Mattatoio illustrate the transition from classicism to modernity and provide an important historical example of the monumentality and rationale of turn-of-the-century industrial architecture.

In this context local, national, and international artists from the visual and other arts interact and generate a reconfiguration of the Arts through the fusion of different modes of creative expression. Arousing a vast and diverse public, MACRO is a dynamic and progressive institution emerging as a multifaceted cultural polestar within which the value of contemporary artistic expression asserts itself.

09:00 - 21:00

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Other information

Contact details

  • Name: Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma (MACRO)
  • Address: Via Nizza, 138 - 00198 - Rome - Italie
  • Phone: (39) 06 696271


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Getting there

  • By bus : ligne n°38, 80, 89

Nikki Schei


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