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Museo dell'Ara Pacis

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The Ara Pacis The altar of peace, one of the greatest examples of classical art, was built to celebrate the consolidation of power of Rome under the empire of Augustus, on the occasion of the companies he wore to an end north of the Alps between 16 and 13 BC. AD

Inaugurated in 9 BC. AD, it was built along the Via Flaminia, in the northern part of the Campus Martius but was soon forgotten following the characteristics of the terrain and the frequent floods of the Tiber that buried under the mud.

It was not until 1937/1938, commemoration of the two thousandth anniversary of the birth of Augustus, to see the light back to the altar of peace thanks to the recovery work of the archaeologist Giuseppe Moretti.

Located on the Lungotevere, the Ara Pacis risked for many years to be damaged because the pavilion unsuited which sheltered could not protect the traffic, pollution and moisture which were deposited on its marbles and plasters.

That is why, over the years, the new museum complex has been completely revised by Richard Meier, who designed the new structure based on the conservation of the monument, as an environmental level of seismic system, creating a space that perfectly combines the old and the contemporary.

09:30 - 19:30

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  • Name: Museo dell'Ara Pacis
  • Address: Lungotevere in Augusta - 00186 - Rome - Italie
  • Phone: (39) 06 06 08




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  • By bus : ligne n°628, 913, C3, N25





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