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National Centre for the Performing Arts

¥30 - ¥70
With the Great Hall of the People to its east, the National Centre for the Performing Arts is located in Chang'an Avenue, Beijing. The NCPA designed by French architect Paul Andreu, includes three performing venues: the Opera House, the Concert Hall, the Theater.

Critics have compared it to a shiny metallic egg (although it looks more like a massive mercury bead), while modernists love it to bits. Plonked in the middle of an artificial lake, the sci-fi looking NCPA, is a surreal location in which to catch a show.

Examine the bulbous interior, including the titanic steel ribbing of interior bolsters (each of the 148 bolsters weighs 8 tonnes), and tour the three halls.

09:00 - 17:00

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  • Name: National Centre for the Performing Arts
  • Address: 2 W Chang'an Avenue - 100031 - Beijing - Chine
  • Phone: (86) 10 6655 0000


Restaurant, Café, Boutique


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