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Nieuwe Kerk

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Although Nieuwe Kerk means 'new church' in Dutch, it does not appear within a mere 600 years. Despite his age and all that it has undergone over the centuries, it does not lack pace and stands proudly near the Royal Palace, Dam Square.

Its construction dates back to the 15th century. On November 15, 1408 to be quite precise, when the bishop of Utrecht gave the approval required for the construction of a second parish church. The first of its kind, the aptly named Oude Kerk (Old Church) is up Oudekerksplein. However, since its construction, the population of Amsterdam had grown considerably. The resultant increase in wealth of the city made possible the construction of a new church.

The fate unfortunately acharna on the new building. In 1421, a fire destroyed much of the city, including the Nieuwe Kerk. It undertook to rebuild until, in 1452, another fire broke out, causing severe damage. But residents of Amsterdam are not the type to be discouraged easily. The proof is, this beautifully decorated church, which does honor to the city.

Surprisingly, the fury that erupted in 1566 spared the church. However, in 1578 the Presbyterians took possession of the building. As opposed to superfluous ornaments, they destroyed the statues and altars that decorated the longstanding church. The Nieuwe Kerk survived another fire in 1645, but unfortunately the hall of the building adjoining the palace reconstruction relegated to the background, so she was deprived of chimes. The Nieuwe Kerk had to make do with three small bells, installed in the arrow at the crossing.

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  • Name: Nieuwe Kerk
  • Address: Dam - 1012 NP - Amsterdam - Pays-Bas
  • Phone: (31) 020 - 626 81 68

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