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Palazzo Davanzati

Florence | Fine Arts
€3 - €6
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This museum is charged with atmosphere and continues to spread the image of Florentine history and culture throughout the world, in particular as regards the aspects connected with domestic life. Reception rooms adorned with antique furnishings used for meetings, small private studies, dining rooms used for convivial occasions, bedrooms with wall decorations and objects recalling conjugal virtues and the lively kitchen suggesting the bustling variety of domestic tasks.

The Palazzo was built around the mid-fourteenth century by joining together a number of tower-houses and other properties belonging to the rich Davizzi family. In 1578, the palazzo was purchased by Bernardo Davanzati, a successful merchant as well as a famous historian and intellectual.

The Palace represents a stage of transition between the closed, vertical structure of the medieval tower-house and the more spacious Renaissance palazzo, arranged around a central courtyard. On the ground floor, the façade features three large wooden gates, once used as an open loggia to host chats, commercial trading, waiting room and playground for family children. Leading up from the courtyard, supported on projecting flying buttresses, is the staircase: in stone up to the first floor and made of wood further above. Each floor features spaces dedicated to the private life of the family.

08:15 - 13:50

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  • Name: Palazzo Davanzati
  • Address: Via Porta Rossa, 13 - 50123 - Florence - Italie
  • Phone: (39) 055 238 8610


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  • By bus : ligne n°C2

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