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Pera Müzesi / Musée Pera

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The Pera Museum Pera Müzesi in Turkish, is located in the Beyoglu district (Istanbul). The Pera Museum opened its doors in 2005. The current building was the former Hotel Bristol, famous Istanbul hotel built in 1893 and which hosted travelers from the Orient Express. Only the facade of this building has been preserved, the interior has changed completely.

The Pera Museum consists of several floors. On two floors are a collection of Anatolian Weights and Measures, another collection on Pottery and Ceramics, and a collection of Orientalist paintings. All this together makes up the permanent collections of the Pera Museum.

In addition to these permanent collections, the other floors of the Pera Museum are used for temporary collections of Art for an average period of several months.

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  • Name: Pera Müzesi / Musée Pera
  • Address: Asmalı Mescit Mh. - 3443 - Istanbul - Turquie
  • Phone: (90) 0212 334 99 00




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