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Ueno zoo

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The oldest zoo in Japan, Ueno Zoo was established in at its present site in Tokyo in 1882 as part of Japan's modernization drive during the Meiji Period.

Tokyo's Ueno Zoo is world class, with animals and birds from around the globe. Best of all, its settings convincingly imitate the wild, meaning the animals can be observed in what come pretty close to their native habitats.

Tokyo Zoo is divided into 63 main sections, grouped into such categories as the Gorilla and Tiger's Forest, Japanese Animals, The Children's Zoo (with animal petting area), Animals of Africa, a Birdhouse, and the Vivarium (turtles and reptiles).

The big attractions at Ueno Zoo are the big animals: elephants, gorillas, polar bears, giraffes, etc. However, a leisurely inspection of the smaller enclosures and cages will reveal a huge assortment of smaller animals, and particularly birds, that you may well be seeing for the first time.

09:30 - 17:00

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Other information

Contact details

  • Name: Ueno zoo
  • Address: 9-83 Uenokoen - 110-0007 - Tokyo - Japon
  • Phone: (81) 3 3828 5171



Getting there

  • By metro : Ginza Line, Joban line, Takasaki Line, Yamanote Line, Hibiya Line , Utsunomiya Line (Ueno)

Rob Pal


Rob Pal