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Villa Medicea La Petraia

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The Medici Villa della Petraia is an impressive country residence built on a panoramic terrace in the outskirts of Florence in the small hamlet of Castello. From its position, you have an incredible view over its wide Italian garden and over the valley where the famous Renaissance city of Florence is located.

The home was originally bought by the Brunelleschi family, who later sold it to Palla Strozzi in 1422 and who expanded the estate by buying more land around it. In the first half of the 16th century, the villa passed to the Salutati family, who then transferred the property to the Medici family. In this time, Cardinal Ferdinando, who was nominated Grand Duke in 1587, carried out a radical transformation of the villa, turning the villa from a country home into a princely residence.

The project was accomplished by building around the fourteenth century central tower, but the most significant changes were actually carried out in the surrounding park. The park was first divided into three magnificent terraces: the first one was dedicated to the placement of dwarf fruits, the second one adorned by flower beds while the third one was designed with two elliptical areas where many general and citrus trees were planted.

Today, we can admire what the garden must have looked at that time by observing the painting by Giusto Utens in the series called “villa in a lunette” dated 1599/1602. A walk in the park during the spring time is the best time to visit. The garden statues (the one by the villa is the Venus by Giambologna) add adornment to Petraia’s majesty, but the nineteenth century tower and the sundial which marks the seasons in a very old style are also very interesting to see and admire.

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  • Name: Villa Medicea La Petraia
  • Address: Via della Petraia, 40 - 50141 - Florence - Italie
  • Phone: (39) 055 452 691/ 238 8611




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  • By bus : lignes n°2, 28, 301A, 360A

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