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Yayoi Kusama Museum

Tokyo | Contemporary Art
¥600 - ¥1,000
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Points. Stitches of all sizes. All over. And lines too. Many lines. Which come to cover pumpkins. Here and there, there are tentacles covered with white and black dots stretching towards the ceiling of a closed room, whose walls are mirrors. We lose the sense of balance, of space. We find ourselves on a journey through the Milky Way in a dimly lit space where hundreds of colorful LEDs glisten reminiscent of the wonders that the Hubble telescope immortalizes every day. Yes yes, we are here in the world of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama!

The designer, whose shapes and repetitive figures have made her one of the most famous artists of our time, has just opened her own museum in the bustling Shinjuku neighborhood in Tokyo.

The museum, whose building was designed by architect Kume Sekkei, is directed by Tensei Tatebata, president of the Tama Art University and director of the Saitama Museum of Modern Art. All the museum's spaces are of course devoted to Yayoi Kusama's work, with two temporary exhibitions a year, while one of the five floors is dedicated exclusively to its famous "infinity room" and other spectacular installations of which she has the secret. The top floor, meanwhile, hosts a library and archives.

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Contact details

  • Name: Yayoi Kusama Museum
  • Address: 107 Bentencho - Shinjuku-ku - 162-0851 - Tokyo - Japon
  • Phone: (81) 3 5273 1778





Getting there

  • By metro : Tozai Line (Waseda), Oedo Line (Ushigome Yanagicho)

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